Structures of non-cellular tissues of the body and their importance in otorhinolaryngology

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We present  the  results of our studies  in various pathological   conditions   in  otorhinolaryngology performed  with  a diagnostic  technology  of functional morphology  of non-cellular tissue structures  (mouth  fluid, surgical wound  exudation, blood  serum, and  others). With the  use of methods of cuniform and  marginal dehydration of biological fluids, the possibility of developing essentially novel criteria was shown, such as:

• prediction  of complicated  course of post-operative wound  healing in subjects with a lamellar morphotype in the  wound  exudation  resulting from cholesterol residues due to massive cell death;

• prediction  of a polypous  rhinosinusitis  relapse in subjects with an increase in the proliferation marker, anisotropic  parallels lines in the  dehydrated  serum  obtained from the  blood  taken from the inferior nasal turbinate;

• diagnostics   of  the  middle  ear  cholesteatoma in children by combination of cuniform and marginal  dehydration of the  mouth  fluid. The singularity of the  technique  is based  on triple sampling  of the  fluid:  first sample  was  taken immediately  after awakening, the  second  one, after a few minutes  of active swallowing movements  and  the  third one,  after trans-tympanicair pumping.  Detection  of the  structural  signs of congestive effusion and the lamellar morphotype as a destruction marker in the third sample suggested the presence  of cholesteatoma;

• assessment  of  treatment  efficacy  in  patients with chronic tonsillitis and of the indications to tonsillectomy in patients  with persisting pathological  characteristics   of  the  exudation   from the palatal tonsil lacunes throughout the whole course of conservative treatment;

• determination of the grade of activity / absence of activity of laryngeal cancer by identification of a basic spherolith with various degrees  of anisotropy, abnormally  aggregated with a granular microspherolith;

• detection of the  signs of progression  in laryngeal  cancer  by  the  presence   of wave-shaped structures  in the  microspherolith during  radiation therapy.

About the authors

S. N. Shatokhina

Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute (MONIKI), Moscow

Author for correspondence.

Shatokhina Svetlana N. – MD, PhD, Professor, Head of Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory.

61/2–8 Shchepkina ul., Moscow, 129110, Russian Federation. Tel.: +7 (495) 681 15 85. E-mail:

Russian Federation

V. I. Sambulov

Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute (MONIKI), Moscow


Sambulov Vyacheslav I. – MD, PhD, Leading Research Fellow, Department of Otorhinolaryngology 

Russian Federation


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